Foamex Signs

Foamex sheet is made when PVC foam is compressed to create a strong board. It's Rigid, hardwearing & lightweight material so it is ideal for display purposes  

PVC Foamex boards we provide are 5mm thick which make them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.  Foamex board is a great option for both temporary signs and long term signs due to it's  weather and water resistance qualities. A High quality Colourful print can be applied on one or both sides so its guaranteed to be noticed by your customers and target group to help boost your sales and enquires. The boards can be fixed to any surface using screws or  glued.

Foamex boards are used by a range of businesses for a variety of reasons such as to highlight sales, new products or Events

Other uses of Foamex Boards are: trade events,  safety signs, Security signs, Direction signs, Menu Boards, Event signage,  Advertising signage. Exhibition Graphics, Point of sale signs, Hoardings, Display Signage and Shop signs.