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Stickers are printed on paper or vinyl with adhesive on one side which allows them to be stuck on a large variety of surfaces with ease. They are available in all kind of shapes and sizes as well as option of material depending on their intended use. The different materials depend on thickness of paper the stickers are printed on and the finish applied.

standard stickers and Labels   

The standard stickers are printed on a 190gsm white silk adhesive stock and come in the shapes of circle, rectangle and square. These stickers give a thick premium feel. The adhesive can be permanent.

Waterproof stickers

These 70mic stickers provide a waterproof solution for all type of packaging, no matter the type of material or condensation present.  The ultra adhesive sticker is designed to last a long time and has a slick lightweight feel which makes them ideal for all types of labels such as glass liquid bottle, jars and other containers/ packaging. The waterproof stickers are available in a wider range of shapes like oval, scallop and plaque.